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The Jang 1 the only patented fully automatic preforming, cutting, and polishing machine in the world today.



  1. Intended for use with semi precious and precious gemstones, not including diamond.
  2. One time support fee:  $169.00. 
  3. Support is administered through Skype or email.
  4. 1 year Warranty on parts and software.

Leasing is also available, call for rates

Skills recommended for operation:





We do have support in all these areas and are available for the fees listed above.


Our machines:

The jang 1

Candidates for Jang 1 are:

  1. Hobbyist
  2. Gem cutter
  3. Jeweler/ Designer


The jang 2 Matching pairs

  1. Two 8” wheels with 2 heads
  2. The jang 2 is designed to perfectly preform, cut and polish a pair of gemstones.
  3. Cuts 1.5mm to 20mm.
  4. Cutting to perfect proportions.


model1024- Intended for  mass production: US or overseas market. 

  1. One 10 inch wheel with 2 heads.
  2. 24 stones at a time 1.5mm to 20mm. (alternating dops when using larger size).
  3. Provides a consistent uniform cut with a scientifically calculated refractive formulae
  4. Reduces labor costs and improves consistency of gem quality cuts for mass production .


Model1440 Intended for cutting melee

  1. One 14 inch wheel cuts 90 stones at a time
  2. Bigger stones would use 40 stones at a time.
  3. Intended for use with cutting melee.
  4. Best if used for mass production

Please call usfor sample cuts, or send your own in for test cuttings.

Best wishes,
Kiwon  Jang

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